Saturday, April 4, 2009

Project: Preparing My Home Studio (End to Beginning)

Shiny shiny!

Up above: My new mop.

Last year, I decided that I wanted to start selling vintage clothing online and off I went shopping. As I shopped and shopped I started to run out of room for everything. Then the idea of taking one of our rooms and converting it into my vintage closet/studio came about. Here are some pictures of my challenge.

Step one: Remove the old carpet.
Step two: Remove all the staples from the old carpet.
Step three: Primer all the walls.
Step four: Paint all the walls.
Step five: Paint all base boards.
Step six: Sand Plywood floor. Why would I do that? Because I got the crazy idea to paint the subfloor!
Step seven: Putty all of the cracks in the floor.
Step eight: Sand the floor again.
Step nine: Primer the floor.
Step ten: Paint the floor black.
Step eleven: Repeat step ten.
Step twelve: Apply polyurethane as a top coat.
Step thirteen: Repeat step twelve.
Step fourteen: Let all the paint set.
Step fifteen: Organize the closet and set up the rolling rack.
Step sixteen: Set up background and lighting.
Step seventeen: Test lighting.
Step eighteen: Take pictures.
Step twenty: Pat yourself on the back and post auctions on eBay.


  1. just discovered your blog on an etsy forum thread - love what you've done with your studoi - hey! is your new "mop" a puppy/japanese chin?

    come on over and visit me sometime:

  2. Hi, I am glad that you found my blog. Yes my "mop" is my pup. Her name is Pepper. She is part Chihuahua and some kind of terrier.

  3. Found your blog through the forum, will be following it..

  4. i love those first two dresses they are soooooooo cute.


  5. Thank you all for following my blog and thank you for the compliment on the dresses. I've already sold both of them. It kinda made me sad to sell them but, I know someone else will love them. I just have too much fun shopping and can't afford to keep everything. If I kept more pieces then, I couldn't shop as often:)