Saturday, June 6, 2009

My First Hand Dyed Vintage Slip

For some time I had wanted to dye one of my vintage slips. Here's the first. I dyed it a baby pink. I love that the lace turned out slightly darker than the rest of the fabric. In place of a couple stains I covered them up with these little fabric hearts. I added some little bows at the shoulders and embellished them with a small crystal. I had so much fun that I plan to do some more hand dying.


  1. Nice job! I'm learning how to hand dye in class!

    fashion on edge.

  2. Heys love,
    thanks for the follow (:
    I love how you made a simple dress into something very gorgeous and amazing.
    I've always wanted to dye one of my tops too but afraid it would turn out to be something really different and I would regret it.


  3. That's really pretty!! Was just at your shop too - you have amazing items!

  4. Its super pretty.. love the color you chose! ;)