Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sea Port Village and Coronado

Earlier this week my friend Jessica suggested that she and I should drive down to San Diego, walk around and explore new locations. I don't do this as often as I would like too but, yesterday we went. As we wandered, of course I snapped several photos.

My favorte pictures were taken from the sand, looking out into the sunset, in front of Hotel Del Coronado. A beautiful historic hotel opened in 1888.

Our short adventure started by parking her car in the parking lot of Horton Plaza. A fabulous place to shop, if you aren't a "starving artist". Since, neither of us have much spending money we kept away from the shops and only ventured there to validate our parking ticket.

Jessica wanted to walk down to Sea Port Village and take some photos of the boats and near surroundings. Unfortunately, neither of us knew or realized ahead of time, that the docks were private. So, I was left feeling less inspired.

We continued to walk back to her car. The more we walked around, the hungrier I became. The Gaslamp area of San Diego is filled with restaurants and little shops. Both too tempting. We still had about an hour left of the sun so, we got back into the car and went across the Coronado bridge. Ending at the beachfront to finish our short, photographic adventure.


  1. It looks like a nice place. I went to San Diego when I traveled to the US, but David and I (nd his family) only went to his cousin's house in the mountains and we didn't see much. I'm sure when I'm already settled in California, we'll explore San Diego more deeply. I've been told not to miss San Luis Obispo in CA; so I look forward to going there too :).

  2. Yeah, I like San Diego. It's very pretty. San Luis Obispo is gorgeous! I really love it there. Where in California will you be moving? Northern California or Southern California?

  3. I'm moving to Ontario, Southern California. Have you ever been there? I haven't seen much of it since I only went to the US for 10 days. On thing I could tell, though: it's absolutely different from Buenos Aires. I really hope I can get used to this new environment soon because I really love living in the city.

  4. San Diego! That's where I'm from. Gaslamp is always fun to go to. I'm there almost every weekend!

  5. It is very beautiful. San Luis Obispo is fantastic! I really like it there. Where in California would you go? Northern California or Southern California