Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Larger Photography Prints

Just added to my other Etsy store, Coco Cherie.


  1. Love this! Did you make some changes to the ladybug one? It looks a bit more muted (could just be my screen!) Either way, I love it! And the create photo. Now I will have trouble deciding which to buy! My bathroom is all ruffly with pale green accents and it's one of my favorite rooms. Either the create photo or the wish photo would be so perfect in there.

  2. Thanks! I actually did the lady bug picture two different ways, when I first edited them. I just never posted the muted one. I think I prefer the muted one. The colors are so neat and vibrant in the other one though, especially because I used the metallic paper for it. My mind always changes so, I just added both versions.

    The "wish" and "create" photos are hard to pick between. I like how the word wish fits into the composition better than the word create but, I think I prefer the word create over wish. hahaha So many decisions.

    Thanks again, Lisa and I can't wait to see your shop when you have it all set up again:)