Thursday, December 3, 2009

Faux Hollywood Hills

Yesterday, my friend Jenny called me to come help her put together a pub table and stools for her kitchen. I went over there and we first started with the table. That was simple but, the stools were much more challenging. It took us a while to get those together even after busting out the power tools.

After we cleaned up her kitchen of tools and hung some new curtains. We had about 8 minutes left of day light to run outside and quickly get a few dresses photographed that I will be adding to my Etsy store later today.

These pictures remind me of Hollywood Hills, they are my Faux Hollywood Hills pictures:)

I had to have my friend Jenny model some of these dresses because unfortunately they are TINY! I can not fit into two of them, no matter how much I try.

The second dress pictured is my favorite out of the group and it will fit a small or a medium. It's the only non XS dress of this group.

Later, today I will be doing some more self portraits to get a few more dresses added to the shop.


  1. beautiful dresses!! Lovin' it!


  2. that black and white dress is my fav! but all are pretty

  3. i love your sunglasses, girl !!! you are fashionable, xoxo.

  4. There dresses are very Hollywood. The black dress with the white floral collar is really cute. You look great!

  5. These pictures turned out so well!! Very old Hollywood.

  6. the black and white dress is gorgeous!
    All the dresses are gorgeous.

  7. that maxi dress is AMAZING! so very bohemian !!!x

  8. This pictures are amazing. I just adore the black&white.

  9. I love that last white dress!