Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

One of my favorite types of photography is underwater photography. I have done a post in the past and I am still mesmerized by the beauty of it. I think I might start saving up for an underwater camera or a case for my digital point and shoot camera.

On Jan. 16th I have a photo shoot scheduled and these are some of the inspirational photos for the shoot. The photos I will be taking on the 16th unfortunately will not be fully underwater.

The model I am using, I meet off of the site Model Mayhem. This is another attempt at using a model from that site and I think this one will follow through. I haven't had much luck with the models on there keeping there appointments with me. I do find it funny, that I have been contacted by each model and that they are always the ones to cancel.

Oh well, I think the newest model I will be working with will follow through. I have meet her in person and she and I seem to have many interests and ideas in common.

After our photoshoot I will surely post my favorites.

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