Monday, January 25, 2010

Locks For Love and a Vintage Hawaiian Dress

Last week my friend Danielle called me, to tell me that she was considering a new look for the new year. She had decided that she wanted to cut many inches off of her long Rapunzel locks.

When she came over, I told her that we could donate her hair to "Locks For Love", if she was willing to sacrifice the minimum amount of 10 inches. She decided that she'd love to donate her hair to someone else. So we pulled her hair into a ponytail, measured 10 inches and snipped it off.

After we snipped off the 10 inch ponytail, I gave her a long layered haircut and straightened her curly hair. She looked beautiful with her new look and in exchange of money. I suggested that she could model a dress I had been planning to sell on Etsy. I selected this brightly colored dress for her because I felt she did such a great thing. The dress needed to offer the same cheery mood we were in.

So, here is her new look and the dress she modeled:)


  1. Just like we were in summer yet !