Monday, March 30, 2009

You're Not Cool Unless You Wear Glasses

I can tell I am getting older because my eye site has noticeably changed within the last year. Especially my night visibility. I've kept procrastinating on making an appointment to see the eye doctor and I couldn't figure out why. Until now, my main reason of putting it off, is deciding on what type of glasses to get. There are too many choices. I think my first choice is to find an old vintage pair and have the lens replaced but, I don't know. As many are, I am indecisive.....


  1. Thank you! I do too. It's my middle name. I always wanted it to be my first name:P

  2. Old vintage glasses are a great idea. I don't need glasses but I'm thinking of getting some with just plain lenses in them because I love the way they look so much. This probably sounds a bit sad but to me they are just another fashion accessory!

  3. I love glasses too, they can really change an outfit.