Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hmmm... I should have wrote about St. Patrick's Day

Opening my eyes this morning, the sunshine was peering through my curtains and moving along the rest of my room. Lighting it up so bright I had to shield my eyes to open them. The rays were so warm, it helped me forget that I had caught a cold over the weekend. Today Spring is here.

I wandered downstairs to warm up some left overs and grabbed myself a Dr. Pepper. Outside on the patio I sit with the warmth of the shining sun on my bare shoulders. I sit here with my three girls. Pepper my little Chihuahua mutt. Her coat is black and white, wild and wiry. My other two, identical, besides one being a little plumper than the other, are my two beautiful golden eyed gray tabbies, who go by Feline- sounds like Celine and Mazzy. Despite our differences we all get along very well.

The three girls outside and myself are not the only one's living in this household. Mostly females live here. But, one male resides here too. He's quite a cute one, if I say so myself. He's not as furry as the others but his eyes are just as beautiful as my two golden eyed tabbies and he's as sweet as all of them combined. I call him O. Short for his last name. He's my sweetheart, so we'll call him O.

So, let's catch you up if you've gotten lost. I live with my sweetheart O, my Chihuahua Pepper, my two cats named Feline and Mazzy, two goldfish and my Sengal Parrot named Sepa. Earlier, Sepa had slipped out of my mind. She was being so silent. All I had heard was her cracking shells of peanuts. Her little chirps had blended in with the wild birds in the background.

Now, that you've been introduced to my family, I suppose I should introduce myself. This is the part that has taken me three months of procrastination to get past. I am not sure why but, I have always dreaded writing any sort of thing directly about myself.

I must do it today. I have the weather on my side or should I say I have the weather burning my side. Tomorrow, I'll probably be writing about my sunburnt shoulders. I forsee this already.

I haven't had a day to sit outside, sweat and burn like this for months. Living in Southern California you'd expect to have many chances at this occuring. Unfortunately, I seem to always be indoors. I never used to be an indoor dweller. It just snuck upon me. It's called all work and no play, keeps me in all day. Yes, I am definetly getting my first sunburn of 2009.

A tid bit about me, I get side tracked often. If I am allowed to ramble, becoming side tracked will become frequent. Which I have already done very well, in this first post. Well, I am not worried because I don't expect anyone to read this. Therefore, I will continue to ramble. Plus I've got hours today. I don't have to go to work until this evening.

I am excited for tomorrow. My good pal is flying in from Chicago to visit for a couple days. It's been a couple years and we have plenty of catching up to do. Opps... my mind is getting side tracked again.

Back to about me. Frankly, I hate this so it's gonna be short. I will probably add more later. Nice to meet you, my real name is Nicole. I am in my mid twenties. I love art, photography, animals(if you didn't acknowledge that by the variety I share my home with), fashion, thrift stores, people, music, food and so on. Thrift stores, I will probably blog about often. I will have to talk about the glory days I have in them. I don't know, I like too many things to write a list and lists are boring to read. Lists feel like chores. I write my chores/errands in list form. I don't want to write my interests.

Quickly, what else can I say. Oh, I buy and sell vintage clothing and accessories on eBay and on etsy. I will post links to those later on. I will also be gathering pictures. Hopefully lots of pictures because pictures are my favorite part of blogging. Ahh, I can't let myself ramble on any more. I will write another blog soon. Now I can check my first real blog off my to do list. Check done.

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