Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lovely Liv

Stealing Beauty is one of my favorite movies. It's a slow story but, the scenery is beautiful.


  1. Stealing looks good and i've heard of it too, but havent seen it yet
    Whats it about?
    im feeling the vintage glasses too, these days everyone is in with the super sleek "trendy" glasses lol
    goodluck with choosing ;)
    xx zee

  2. Stealing Beauty is about a young woman(Liv Tyler)who visits Italy. She visits with hopes to discover her mother's long keep secret and finds love on her journey.

    It's a great movie to watch on a warm lazy afternoon. When you have nothing to do and just want to relax. Open the windows, grab a bowl of fresh fruit and enjoy.

    I have always found such a charm in anything vintage. I hope I can find some, otherwise I may have to opt for the "trendy glasses" too:)