Friday, September 25, 2009

Mui Mui

I know I could never afford any of these pieces but, they'd be so much fun to wear. If I had those boots I would sport them with all different outfits. I am in love with them. They also come in different colors. I prefer the black and white because I will pair black and white with anything.


  1. Mui Mui always astounds me with it's gorgeous designs!

    I can actually see both the Chi and terrier in Pepper. She is a total darling.

    Ha, I had no idea you had curly hair either.

  2. Its fun to dream, I do it all the time! I wish that pieces like this were available at a cheaper cost. I love that top dress, gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend hun :)



  3. love your blog ♥

    thanks for following :)

  4. Mui mui is always so inspiring and gorgeous! You have a great blog.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

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