Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stop Motion Videos

Every so often, I get a new idea of something to create or try. My latest, is stop motion videos.

A few months ago, a video was posted on two blogs. Though, I can not remember the blogs I found the video. The video has inspired me to attempt a stop motion video of my own.

I have been doing my research about them and they look like a lot of fun. I think it will be a very time consuming project but, I want to make an attempt. I am writing out a list of ideas. Plotting my plans. I know, my execution will not be anywhere as professional as these. I am just fascinated with the idea.

If you are interested in viewing a few of these, watch the videos below. The first video was my inspiration.

Handshake Heartbreak HD from Jojo & Malou on Vimeo.


  1. Ive seen "Her Morning Elegance", love them all. I too would like to try and create one. Good luck on your project, I bet you do great!

  2. Wow, the second one is so stunning!!

    It would be so cool to make one of these, but like you said, very time consuming.

  3. the first video is brilliant! a work of art/innovative catalogue, good luck i hope it works out! x

  4. I would love to see what you come up with! Good luck :)

  5. wow! thats so impressive! You should totally give it a shot. I wonder how long it would take? It would be so fun to dream up the concept.
    Thank you for your lovely comments too btw. Hope u have had a happy day! xx

  6. AH! I want a new camera so bad to make videos!!