Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tonight, I was browsing through blogs and I got so inspired by a photo that a blogger had just posted. I clicked on the source and came across some really interesting photos. I felt so inspired, I had to try it out for myself. This is my first attempt to "levitating". I had a blast trying to levitate and I am super excited to try something similar to this again. I already have other ideas. This was sorta my test shoot and I actually like it a lot. Next time, I hope to set things up better. As well, I need to work on my pose. This isn't the last levitating I will try!

*This photo was taken in my room and I think it would be hilarious if I enlarged it and hung it on the wall near my bed.

Is this too dark? Personally, I like it but, I am not sure if I should make it lighter.

One more thing, I need a title for this photograph. I am not so great with coming up with titles. Any ideas?


  1. I love this one , it really inspires me! check out my blog!

  2. I'd name it "limbo". Firstly, because it's the first word that comes to my mind (I am, indeed, in some sort of limbo right now) and also because I think she's holding to the bed not to fly away, but at the same time she's curious to see where she might go if she lets go :).

  3. Annierama- thank you! I will check out your blog:)

    Miki- Hahaha Yes, I do look like I am in limbo on a decision to fly or not to fly! Thank you for the comment.


  5. "gravity of love", could work. in other words your floating against it. the darkness could make it work..

  6. Thanks! Yep, I was inspired by Brooke Shaden for this. "Gravity of love", I like it.

    I am thinking about printing this out and maybe(?).... attempting to sell it on Etsy? I have been thinking about opening up a second Etsy store to sell prints.

    I am glad you like it!