Friday, October 15, 2010

Contemplating Change

Today, I felt so lazy. I looked around my house and thought of things that I could be doing but, nothing seemed to motivate me. I snapped a couple pictures of my living room. I decided I want to make some slight changes but, I needed a better look. It can be difficult to recognize what needs changed when you're seeing it everyday. Your mind and eyes just get used to it. I needed a new perspective.

I have recently repainted the lighter colored wall from a deep red to this bone white color and I am still adjusting to it. I am slowly starting to shift my style. I really like opposites styles. Sometimes they tend to not mix well. I love the soft shabby chic look, the ultra feminine, all whites, then I love a retro look, bold colors and layered clutter. I can never decide on one. So, I usually don't go with either or try to do a weird mix of the two. Also, I hate cleaning so I prefer to have less things. It makes cleaning, much faster.

Unfortunately, my other problem is my budget. I can only make purchases at a snails pace. At times I do get lucky and score something abandoned by someone else. Which I have had happen several times and I make the best of it(the white shelf above my couch was one of those abandoned items, found on the roadside).

Studying these two pictures, I think I will be removing the clock and when I find a replacement piece, I will post pictures. What do you think would look better there? And I also need to lower the white shelf. I used to have a different couch and it was much larger. I still haven't gotten around to lowering the shelf. Soon, real soon.

Oh and have you ever seen such a huge lamp shade. I love oversized lamps and especially lamp shades. It's so big, it makes the room look like a doll house, where all of the furniture's sizes don't match because some of the furniture was made for Barbie and some for Polly Pocket but, as a kid you used all of it anyways because that's what you had. Well, my living room is the same, I use what I have and I have favorite pieces they just don't all match.

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  1. love your asian chairs - my mom has some very similar and I love hers too! i like your style friend!