Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Visit to Swami's This Afternoon

I am not going to write much because I am sleepy. But, today I had a nice time with my sweetheart walking around at the beach called Swami's in Encinitas, Ca.

Below are some pictures I took and edited today.


  1. Wow! Beautiful pics! Jealous--I'm still under several feet of snow.

  2. Thank you! That is why I love California. It doesn't snow where I live. If I want to see snow, I have to go to the snow. But, I think snow would be fun, for a short time:)

  3. Love these so much! They are so vintagey and awesome. I especially love the lifeguard house (or whatever it's called.) I love Encinitas. It's so beautiful. There's something special & sacred about that area (sorry...I can be a spiritual weirdo at times :P.) But anyway. Love these photos! <3