Sunday, July 12, 2009

I feel so sad when Etsy is down for maintenance.

I was just browsing the forums and my favorite lil ol Etsy went down:( I guess I can wait until tomorrow. Well, earlier in the day I did take some pictures and I did post a few new items. For some reason, I am not very satisfied with how the photos turned out. Today's pictures aren't very artsy but instead to the point.

Oh, and I tested some cutting and knotting techniques on one of my sweethearts old tees. I made it in about 5 minutes. It looks slightly piratesque but, it's still fun and the shirt is really comfortable. I am wearing it to bed.


  1. You own the most gorgeous bags :)

    Check out my blog please :)


  2. Cute purses!!

    I awarded you the "Great Read" blog award today!! Check it out :)