Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Store Front Dress

I added the dress that's in the image I used for my eBay store front. The funny part is, I didn't add it to eBay. I added it to my Etsy store. In case you don't know what it looks like. Here are some pictures of it.

Yesterday, I went to my bf's mom's house. I brought over three vintage dresses that I thought would look much cuter hemmed. She is going to be hemming them for me and while I gave her two to do, she showed me how to hand stitch a hem and prepared the third dress for me. I took it home and I sewed my first hem tonight. It's not too bad either. Although, I miss estimated the length. I made it an ultra mini dress. I am going to have to call it the Naughty School Girl opps...

If my plans for tomorrow don't get altered then, I am planning on taking some photos of it. I had planned to take pictures to sell it but, I am not sure what store I should put it in. I have been having trouble deciding between Etsy and Ebay. Maybe after I post pictures, I can take an Etsy or Ebay poll. I would love to hear your opinions. I always appreciate feedback:)


  1. Very lovely pictures of you and the pattern of the dress is perfect for summer.

  2. I love the second photo!That green case is so cool! Just wanted to let you know the vintage ring is on it's way to you!

  3. Well done on your first hem! Practice makes perfect. I adore this dress, wanna wear it now!! The print & colours and the 80s vibe is adorable. Personally like the Etsy thing...thats my vote, I'll be keeping an eye out for more of this greatness.

  4. It looks perfect, you did well! Love the photos, you looks so lovely.