Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting Ready For The Cruise, I Leave Today!!

For my Aunt Tracee's 50th birthday bash she has invited my mom and I to go on a cruise with her mom and her daughter, my cousin Chelsea. I leave in just about an hour. I am soo excited. This is my first cruise. It's a short one but, I get to go to Catalina Island, which I have never been to and Ensenada Mexico, another place I have never been to. I am bringing along both of my camera's. I hope to take lots of pictures. The only bummer, I think I am starting to get sick. I am going to try to ignore that sore throat and lightheadedness. I will be drinking lots of water and oj, all day.

Carnival Elation here I come!!!


  1. Wonderful...Have a fabulous time!
    Don't forget to apply SPF1000!okie~
    Best wishes to Aunty Tracee!