Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am just Mad about these Tim Burton Inspired Fashion Photos!!

These are soooo awesome! I can not get over how cool, I think these are. With today being the first day of October, I am jazzed about Halloween coming! I need to start planning what I want my Halloween character to be.

What are you planning to be for Halloween?

While you are thinking, here are some inspiring fashion/Halloween photos.

Photographs by Tim Walker.


  1. This shoot is brilliant. So creepy and lovely. Not sure yet what I want to be, but I'm thinking Eloise.

  2. Gorgeous! I love Tim Walker his editorials are so recognisable with his signature style! so inspired for a Halloween outfit now.... best start getting creative and making

  3. I am mad about these, too! So amazing and eerie!

    Great blog! I will def. be back!

  4. Wow ^^^

    Those photos are friqqin amazing!!! Leave it to fashion to get me hype for Halloween! Hahaa. I was planning on just wearing some jeans and a tee on Hall., but now I'm inspired to go all out!

    Great post, great blog :- D